Organic Viking 510 BMR Sudangrass

Also known as Blue River Pheasant 6
  • BMR (Gene 6)
  • Blue River Pheasant 6 and Viking 510 Sudangrass are the same products
  • Much higher quality forage compared to Piper
  • Ready to harvest in 45 to 55 days
  • Reaches boot stage in about 60 days
  • Improved overall disease resistance
  • Very heat and drought stress tolerant
    Crude Protein Lignin RFQ Milk/ton Dry Matter
    % % lbs tons/acre @35%
    Viking 510 BMR Sudangrass 8.8 4.3 101 2364 19.7
    Piper Sudangrass 7.9 6.4 63 1822 18.4
    4 location average 2018-2020

$115.00 / 50lb Bag


Adaptation & Use: Hay, grazing, green chop, silage, or baleage.

Harvest & Management: Usually harvested 45 to 55 days after emergence. For the best quality and yield under a multi-cut program, harvest at 40 days or 40? of growth, which ever comes first. Protein will decline as harvest is delayed. Energy will increase upon heading due to continued sugar formation in the stalks and leaves, and carbohydrate deposition in the developing grain. Pay careful attention to the cutting height. For re-growth, 2 nodes or 4? of stubble is optimal. Manage potential for prussic acid and nitrate build-up.

Planting Date: Mid-May ? early July (soil temps 62?+)

Seeding: Drill 20-30 lbs/acre ??-?? deep or broadcast 25-35 lbs/acre. (Use high end of the rate for hay production.)


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