Trophy Forage Rapeseed

  • Trophy forage rapeseed is a fast growing brassica that is heat, cold and drought tolerant. Trophy forage rapeseed emerges quickly and produces a good fall stand, especially when planted late in the fall.
  • Trophy forage rapeseed is a canola type rape which produces large volumes of biomass with good feed value.
  • Rape becomes attractive to deer after a frost when the sugar content becomes more concentrated.

Seeding: 4-7 lbs/acre at ¼” to ½” deep. Drill or increase rate to broadcast seed.




  • Succulent plant (high percentage H2O) related to cabbage
  • Persists well after the first frost but usually doesn’t overwinter in the Upper Midwest
  • Some seed dormancy has been observed

Best Use: Forage for hogs, cattle, sheep, and young stock. Can be grazed multiple times. Not for haying (does not dry).

Management: Ready to pasture in 6 to 8 weeks. Keep it grazed or mown so that it doesn’t get tall and woody. Use to supplement perennial cool-season pastures (down to 18-20° F) in August and September or interseed into warm-season grasses to improve their feed quality. Can result in blister in white pigs when grazing and exposed to sunlight.

Planting Date: Early spring until September 1

Seeding: 4-7 lbs/acre, ¼ to 1/2 inch deep