Viking N1958 Non-GMO Soybeans

1.9 RM


Hilum: Brown

Protein: High

Seed Size: Medium-Large

End Use: Feed Grade

  • Bred for superior animal feed
  • Competitive yields and good all-around defense
  • Extremely high protein (43-44%)
  • Low anti-nutritionals (raffi nose & stachyose)
  • Trials show significantly improved feed efficiency
  • Heat treatment for non-ruminant feeding to break down trypsin inhibitors

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There are different markets for different types of soybeans. Many farmers have capitalized on the potential premiums available from growing non-GMO soybean seed for some of them. Our focus is on producing high-yielding and agronomically sound yellow-hilum and dark-hilum soybeans, so growers have options. We are confident in our conventional soybean seed's ability to yield and compete with the best genetics on the market. In fact, we believe they are some of the best varieties available—something our internal data, university testing, FIRST Trials, and other field tests confirm time and time again.