Mission Impossible? Growing Quality Oats

By Mac Ehrhardt, President and Co-Owner Matt Leavitt, Organic Lead/Agronomist Oats can help farmers spread their workload across a season and provide a crop for on-farm feed and straw and an off-farm crop for the food ingredient market. Livestock producers can feed oats at a variety of maturity stages and quality levels, but for producers […]

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3 New (and Exciting) Cover Crop and Forage Options

by Bairet Eiter Cover Crops Lead & Organic Farming Support If you’re looking for options for your cover crop rotation or to supplement your forage, check out these three newly added products in the Albert Lea Seed line up. 1. Sainfoin Perennial Forage Legume Sainfoin is a deep rooted, non-bloating perennial legume that can reach […]

February 26, 2019 | Categories: ,

Feeding Forage Following a Freeze: Proceed with Caution!

by Margaret Smith, Forage Agronomist, Albert Lea Seed Fall’s first freeze brings concerns about toxicity in some forages, including three major concerns following freezing temperatures in the fall: 1. Prussic acid Poisoning 2. Nitrate toxicity 3. Bloat Prussic Acid Poisoning Sorghum and some related plants contain compounds that soon after a freeze are converted to […]

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