Eight Great Reasons to Seed Grass with Your Alfalfa Hay

Margaret A Smith, PhD Albert Lea Seed Forage Agronomist Photo: Alfalfa with 30% grass mix, courtesy of Jerry Cherney, Forage Extension Specialist and Professor of Agriculture at Cornell University Most of the hay stands in the upper Midwest are seeded with only alfalfa. If you’re haying pure alfalfa, you may want to consider adding grass […]

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Spring Options for Reduced Alfalfa Hay Stands

Margaret A Smith, PhD Albert Lea Seed Forage Agronomist Seeing loss in your alfalfa stand? Whether it’s 100 percent alfalfa or a mix of alfalfa and grass, you will lose some alfalfa each year after full establishment. But what can you do if stand losses are higher than expected? Several options are available, but a […]

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Tree-Range Farm Tour: Regenerative Ag Venture Coming To Albert Lea

Matt Leavitt Albert Lea Seed, Organic Agronomist In June 2021, Albert Lea Seed agronomist Matt Leavitt and marketing coordinator Ashley Bingham toured Regi Haslett-Marroquin’s 22-acre Tree-Range farm and 75-acre training and demonstration site in Northfield, Minnesota. The demonstration site has been planted with 10,000 hazelnut trees, Albert Lea Seed’s Organic Pasture Mix, and a barley […]

Potential Nitrate Toxicity from Drought-stressed Forages—Take Precautions

by Margaret Smith, PhD Forage Agronomist High nitrate levels in water-deficient forages are likely this late summer and fall in the drought-stressed parts of the Upper Midwest and west. In addition to the chance of nitrate accumulation in forages and corn slated for harvest, there is concern that some growers in the most severely affected […]

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Should You Seed Hay and Pasture in the Late Summer This Year?

by Margaret Smith, PhD Forage Agronomist Late summer may be a good time to establish new forage seedings—if you have adequate soil moisture AND some rainfall is predicted. Success of a late-summer seeding is highly moisture dependent. Late summer temperatures are almost always sufficient to encourage rapid germination and establishment if there is soil moisture […]

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KERNZA: Perennial Grain Now Available

COLIN CURETON, SUPPLY CHAIN DEVELOPMENT SPECIALIST FOREVER GREEN INITIATIVE, UNIVERSITY OF MINNESOTA   Kernza® is a perennial grain crop that is winterhardy in the Upper Midwest. Albert Lea Seed is proud to be among the first companies to offer a commercially viable Kernza seed to our customers. Kernza has been in development for years, but […]

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Managing Canada Thistle in Organic & Conventional Cropping Systems

MARGARET SMITH, PHD, FORAGE AGRONOMIST, ALBERT LEA SEED STEVEN J. CARLSON, PHD, RESEARCH AGRONOMIST Canada thistle (Cirsium arvense L.) is manageable in both organic and conventional farming systems, but the approach is much different. The challenge is certainly greater on organic farms. Organic growers should think in terms of management rather than control as it […]

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Virtual Conference Videos Now Available: Forage Day & Small Grains Day

Albert Lea Seed hosted two 2021 Virtual Conference Days: Forages Day and Small Grains Day. The videos of each of those sessions is now available on the Albert Lea Seed Youtube channel, or you can simply view them in this post. Happy learning! Forages Day Optimizing Animal Use of Summer Annuals Presented by Mary Drewnowski, […]

Albert Lea Seed Hosting Two February Virtual Conference Events

After our first two virtual conference sessions back in December, we’re gearing up for two new, free virtual conference sessions for farmers. Farm Forages Virtual Conference – February 3, 2021, 10 am – 2 pm (Please pre-register at: Small Grains Virtual Conference – February 4, 2021, 10 am – 2 pm (Please pre-register at: […]