Potential Nitrate Toxicity from Drought-stressed Forages—Take Precautions

by Margaret Smith, PhD Forage Agronomist High nitrate levels in water-deficient forages are likely this late summer and fall in the drought-stressed parts of the Upper Midwest and west. In addition to the chance of nitrate accumulation in forages and corn slated for harvest, there is concern that some growers in the most severely affected […]

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Viking Corn & Soybeans – 2021 Update

by Mac Ehrhardt, President | Co-Owner Jake Hansen, Product Manager/Agronomist Note: Inventory is changing daily. Call now for latest inventory levels and to find the right seed for your ground: (800) 352-5247 One of the sure signs of Spring at the Seed House is phones ringing off the hook. Customers from across the country are […]

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How to Grow 80-Bushel Soybeans [VIDEO]

Casey Staloch raised his first 80-bushel soybean crop just north of Freeborn, Minnesota in 2020. He planted Viking 2418N soybeans, which is a conventional, non-GMO soybean variety. He is not only a farmer and grower for Albert Lea Seed, he also is the owner of AgriGuardian. “It was a good feeling, because I’ve never had […]

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Critical Know-How in Scouting Soybean Aphids

by Ashley Pearson ∙ Sales & Marketing Coordinator Scouting for soybean aphids has become second nature to us over the last ten years. There are several approaches to management and controlling them. To make the correct management decision, it is important to know where soybean aphids came from and how they spread. Soybean aphids came […]

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A Tale of Two Rye Plantings

by Margaret Smith, PhD ∙ Agronomist Tips for Rolling and Crimping Winter Rye before Organic Soybeans Decisions for Less-than-Ideal Conditions Two neighbors in north-central Iowa are fairly new to organic farming and both experimenting with winter rye as a mulch cover for their transitional and organic soybeans. Both of their fields were planted last fall […]

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Should I Plant Organic Soybeans Before Corn?

by Margaret Smith, PhD, Forage Agronomist & Matt Leavitt, Organic Lead/Agronomist Good weather conditions this spring have encouraged questions from a number of organic producers: “If conditions remain dry and warmer than average, can I plant my organic soybeans before organic corn?” The short answer is ‘probably not’, unless you are very confident in your […]

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Organic Yield Trial Results – On Organic Farms

by Mac Ehrhardt, President, Co-Owner Organic farmers want to know how their corn hybrids and soybean varieties perform under organic conditions. Albert Lea Seed conducted replicated testing of organic corn and soybean seed on organic farms in Minnesota and Iowa. Yes, some universities are conducting organic yield trials on corn and/or soybeans, which is a […]

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