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Milo / Soybean Mix

Untreated Seed
  • Mix of medium-height milo (grain sorghum) and a tall, bushy non-GMO soybean
  • Maximizes forage production and quality when planted after an early- spring forage
  • Yields 5-9 tons dry matter with protein between 10-14%

Best Use: Not suitable for dry hay; must be ensiled.

Management: Double-crop for silage after harvesting a spring forage such as oats/peas. Plant early (before June 25) and harvest in 60-90 days for best results. Manage potential for prussic acid problems after frost.

Planting Date: Plant after last frost date through mid-July.

Seeding: Drill 100 lbs/acre 1” deep. Provides approx. 500,000 seeds/acre, split equally between the milo and soybeans when planted at the 100 lb/acre rate.

$28.00 / 50lb Bag

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