RC Big Rock Switchgrass

  • RC Big Rock is a new late season variety of upland switchgrass developed from Cave-in-Rock.
  • Very tall height and high yield potential – likely to reach 7′ tall along the I-35 states, and up to a foot taller moving east to Wisconsin and beyond.  It is the tallest upland switchgrass released to date.
  • Genetically improved for ease of establishment, upright growth habit and increased height, making it an ideal choice for high quality habitat for deer.
  • Provides a better wintering habitat for pheasants and quail than Cave-in-Rock; better standing than all other commercial upland cultivars of switchgrass.
  • Late-season maturity approximately 9 days later maturity than Cave-in-rock.
  • Large seeded variety selected for reduced seed dormancy, increased seed weight and increased seedling vigor.
    • Well adapted to drill-seeding. Can be frost seeded, but may be risky on sandy soil.
  • Excellent winter hardiness (Zone 4A) for a late season variety
  • Like Cave-in-Rock it grows well on diverse soil types and has a wide regional adaptation to states in the mid-west and northeast regions (Wisconsin, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, New York and Pennsylvania). Due its later maturity, it is also well suited for use in Kentucky, Missouri, Nebraska, Virginia and West Virginia.
  • A multi-purpose grass variety suited for forage, biomass, soil conservation and wildlife habitat applications.
  • Best adapted to regions that receive on average greater than 26″ of average annual precipitation (see map).
    • For regions that receive 26-30″ consider a blend of RC Tecumseh and RC Big Rock
    • For regions that receive more than 30″ use RC Big Rock
    • For regions that receive less than 26″ use RC Tecumseh

Seeding Rate lbs / acre: 6.0-8.0

Height: up to 7’+



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