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Viking 400 BMR Forage Sorghum Concep Treated

  • Medium maturity, sterile, hybrid forage sorghums with the BMR 6 trait
  • 7 to 8 feet tall with stalks and leaves similar in size to corn; will head out but not produce seed
  • Sweet sorgo type that can reach 18-21% soluble sugar content at early heading stage
  • This sterile hybrid produces sweeter stalks, 8-10% protein, and excellent TDN, IVTD, NDFD %
  • Yields from 18-25 tons at 65% DM
  • Reduced lignin trait (BMR) can equal the quality of corn silage
  • Adapted for a single harvest

Best Use: Silage, may make baleage if seeded at high rates
Adaptation: Does well on dryland or irrigated fields but requires one-third less water than corn.
Management: Isolate from other sorghums by one mile to protect sterility and prevent seed formation. Manage potential for prussic acid and nitrate buildup. Harvest in the heading stage at 80-85 days for highest sugar content. Will reach boot stage at 70-75 days.
Planting Date: Late-May – early July (soil 62°F+)
Seeding: Seed 8-10 lbs/acre in 30” rows, ½”-1” deep. (For hay, plant at higher rate).

Concept Seed Treatment NOT for organic production.  For organic production choose Untreated 401 Forage Sorghum(same hybrid)

$84.00 / 50lb Bag (Treated w/Concep)

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Concep? III Safener

Concep? III seed safener protects sorghum from herbicide injury and allows pre-emergence applications of herbicides containing S-metolachlor for ultimate grass and broadleaf weed control. Concep? III controls the phytotoxic effects of S-metolochlor herbicide for long lasting weed control to maximize yield.

Product Highlights
? Allows effective broad leaf and grass control
? Seed treatment used to protect grain or forage sorghum to allow use of Dual Gold or Bicep II Magnum brand herbicides
? Offers extended use and can be carried over for up to a third growing season


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