Albert Lea Seed hosted two 2021 Virtual Conference Days: Forages Day and Small Grains Day. The videos of each of those sessions is now available on the Albert Lea Seed Youtube channel, or you can simply view them in this post. Happy learning!

Forages Day

Optimizing Animal Use of Summer Annuals

Presented by Mary Drewnowski, PhD (Beef Systems Specialist) • University of Nebraska

Double Crop Forage Production Winter Small Grains and Corn

Presented by Kevin Shelley, Nutrient & Pest Management Specialist • University of Wisconsin

Choosing the Right Summer Forages for Your Objectives

Presented by Margaret Smith, PhD, Forage Agronomist • Albert Lea Seed

Grazing Cover Crops

Panel Discussion: Jon Luhman (Farmer, Goodhue, MN); and Jason Cavadini (Farmer & Researcher) • University of Wisconsin

Small Grains Day

Spring Small Grain Variety Selection

Presented by Mac Ehrhardt, President and Co-Owner of Albert Lea Seed

Ancient Grains and Heritage Grains – Emmer, Spelt, Einkorn, Heritage Wheats

Presented by Steve Zwinger (Farmer/Research Specialist, Sykeston, ND) & John Wepking (Farmer, Ridgeway, WI)

Marketing Small Grains

Presented by Lydia English, Strategic Initiatives Coordinator • Practical Farmers of Iowa

Best Practices for Oats and Spring Barley

Presented by Margaret Smith, PhD, Forage Agronomist • Albert Lea Seed

Feeding Hybrid Rye to Hogs

Presented by animal nutritional specialist, Molly McGhee, Graduate Research Assistant • University of Illinois

Value of Hybrid Rye in Beef Cattle Diets

Presented by Becca Brattain, PhD, U.S. Country Manager • KWS

Hybrid Rye – New Varieties

Paul Gregor, Product Manager • KWS