by Victoria Kemmets
Sales Specialist & Book Reviewer

New to Albert Lea Seed this year is our agricultural bookstore, where we offer an assortment of titles that are of interest to farmers and gardeners alike. Remember, winter down time is a great opportunity for adding to your knowledge base or taking time to enjoy a new read. Books make great Christmas presents for the farmers, gardeners, and avid readers in your life! Enjoy our year-end bookstore gift-guide to browse our featured titles.

Farming Memoirs

Sometimes it helps just knowing someone else has been in your shoes. Hearing about other people’s success is invaluable and there is always advantage in learning from other’s mistakes before you make them yourself. Enjoy hearing the about the ups-and-downs of farm life, learn new strategies for success, and share the joys of the good life well lived.

Featured Titles in Farming Memoirs

Dirt to Soil
by Gabe Brown

Brown shares his story of coming to love regenerative agriculture through trial and error.  He starts out with his early years as a city boy fascinated with all things farming, and follows his life to present day as one of the nation’s leading speakers of cover cropping and regenerative agriculture. A heartwarming memoir combined with a how-to guide that will engage any reader.

Grain by Grain
by Bob Quinn

A combination history lesson and autobiography, Quinn’s memoir tells the story of wheat farming in Montana and how it has shaped the local culture, and been shaped by it. A fascinating story for anyone with an agricultural or historical interest.

How-To and Soil Health Guides

Knowledge is power, and that is never truer than in the world of agriculture. Your land, whether it is a few thousand acres or a few patio pots, is your biggest asset, and you can only steward it well if you know how it works. If you are looking for an in-depth manual for the intricacies of soil biology, or a basic overview of caring for your ground, we have a title that will add value to your home library.

Featured Titles in How-To and Soil Health Guides

Building Soils Naturally
by Phil Nauta

A must have volume for anyone interested in or concerned about soil. Nauta writes in enough detail for his content to be useful on any application, while keeping it basic enough to benefit any experience level. The go-to book for any farmer or gardener, regardless of how much soil they tend.

Eco Farm
by Charles Walters

The ultimate textbook for the organic and regenerative farmer! Walters takes the reader on a step-by-step journey through how a farm functions, from the molecular level in the soil, to the cellular structure of plants, the nutritional needs of animals, and finally how they all interact with each other. A timeless classic that will never be outdated or un-needed.

Agricultural Philosophy

How people think is the deciding factor in how they act, and it is no different when it comes to farming and food production. We offer titles that will encourage, challenge, and deepen your understanding of agriculture, food, medicine, and community.

Featured Titles in Agricultural Philosophy

The Third Plate
by Dan Barber

A celebrated chef and accomplished food activist, Dan Barber uses The Third Plate to share his thoughts on the history of cuisine and the future of flavor. He challenges readers to think outside of their normal perspectives and take seriously their responsibility in the agricultural climate that surrounds us. A good choice for anyone interested in the future of food.

by Daphne Miller, MD

Dr. Miller offers her physician’s perspective on the interaction between medicine and agriculture and how the shortcomings of each impact the other.  She challenges her readers to have a whole-picture approach to food and health care, drawing not only on her medical experience but also her extensive travel as she studies various types of farming in different communities. A fresh and inspiring read for anyone who loves food, culture, and travel.

Books for Kids

Among our newest editions are our offerings for the kids in your life. Whether your family is already farming and are looking for a way to encourage your kids’ interest, or you are all new to the world of agriculture, these picture books are a great way to connect with them and connect them to the land and their food!

Featured Titles in Books for Kids

Maple Syrup from the Sugarhouse
by Laurie Lazzaro Knowlton

A fun and educational picture book full of colorful illustrations. Lazzaro Knowlton walks kids through every step of the syruping process, from gathering the sap to enjoying the finished product. A great choice for story time that is enjoyable for everyone involved.

Patrick’s Great Grass Adventure
by Joel Salatin

Salatin’s first kid’s book, charmingly illustrated by his daughter, Rachel Salatin, gives kids a bird’s eye view  of what a working regenerative farm looks like. Patrick the Pigeon leaves his home in the city to visit Greg the Grass Farmer, and learns how good food is grown. Perfect for young kids who love the natural world around them!

Yes, you could find all of these great titles online, but, better yet, come on in to Albert Lea Seed and pick them up from us right in store! Plus, we have even more book titles available in-store. We’d love to see you.